Shred It! Workout Log Book With Personal Training Consultation

Looking for a fitness journal that will help you track your progress and stay on track on your fitness journey? Look no further!

Shred It! workout log will be your guide that:

  • IS EASY TO USE – gym diary designed by a certified personal trainer with his clients in mind. The clear layout of the notebook makes is intuitive to navigate so you can focus on training, not writing.
  • KEEPS TRACK OF YOUR WORKOUTS – keep yourself accountable with this gym log book. Record the amount of weight, reps, and sets on each exercise with extra space for cardio and additional notes.
  • MONITORS YOUR PROGRESS – 8 pages that’ll push you to keep up the hard work. Every 10 workout days you’ll write your progress down to see how far you’ve come and if you need to make ay adjustments to your training.
  • PROVIDES FITNESS TIPS – 8 pages of weightlifting information that will educate and help you lose weight or gain muscle, depending on your goals. Make sure you maximise your training results no matter the goal.
  • FITS IN YOUR GYM BAG – this A5 logbook takes little space and fits in any gym bag. Solid design ensures it doesn’t get squashed and stays in good shape even if you happen to drop some weights on it.

Whether you train in the gym, at home, in a studio, or outdoors – training is all about efficiency. This log book has been created to help you achieve this, to help you maximise efficiency in your chosen training programme.

To help you kick start your new training cycle you will have access to a personal training advice from a REPS certified personal trainer with years of experience. As soon as you have this workout logbook in hand we’ll work on ensuring you start off on solid ground. Let’s take any guesswork out of the equation!

This fitness journal covers 90 days worth of training which is a great number of days to aim for in a training cycle. 3 months worth of data will be enough for you to see the results and be able to decide if the goals you’ve set have been met.

Every 10 days worth of training you will find a progress page followed up with a ‘tip’ page. This will help you track your progress by taking measurements such as body weight, body fat %, or arm, chest, or leg circumference. On top of that, you’ll have access to golden nuggets of knowledge that aim to educate you and help you optimise your training plan. We’re here to make it easy, efficient, and sustainable!

At the end of your new workout journal you will find an overall summary of the last 3 months. Once you’ve worked so hard for your new body, keep yourself accountable. Take all the metrics down, honestly analyse them, and decide what your approach will be when you go into the next 3 months of hard work and dedication.

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